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About MookyTech

Hi, I’m Deborah Shaddon and this is my blog.  I aspire for mookyness in my technology endeavors.  I live in the world of technology, and I am inspired by innovation and innovators.  I love collaboration and the power that open communities can achieve.  I seek to continually be informed and learn, and in return, share those learning’s with others.

MookyTech was conceived to highlight my continued journey of discovery in all things technology, a perspective filtered through a lens that experience of a career in technology has afforded me, but hopefully one where my eyes can remain wide open.  The name MookyTech derives from ‘Mooky Soup’, an Improv group that I once was a member years ago, and for which the lessons of listening, teamwork, trust, and discovery were properly instilled.  MookyTech hopes to provide a place for smart discussion, to highlight, collect and share interesting content, to provide a mooky perspective.  I hope to be able to inject some humor, and to not take myself, or my subjects, too seriously.

MookyTech aims to make us all mooky.  Hop on, and let this journey continue.

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